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Chris has been active in the off-roading world for about 13 years. One of his various Jeeps that he will be driving at the event is “Purple Jeep” a 1989 XJ with 1/2 ton Ford axles, 37" tires, Detroit and Yukon zip lockers, a full cage (that has been tested and approved), and a 4.7L stroker engine.

One of his favorite wheeling trips was to Hot Springs ORV. Off-roading is a relaxing time for him because he doesn’t have to think about anything, but enjoying time in his vehicle. He can drive really slow and technical, or he can hot rod around and no one cares.

His likes:

Radios and all their tech. Teaching people and getting to see them accomplish something they didn't think could happen.

His dislikes:

Politics and shorts. (You will never see him wear shorts, even on the hottest day!)

Chris always has a smile on his face and can tell you some of the most random Jeep facts.

*If you need technical assistance with your handheld radios at the event, he’s your man!!

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