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Derek and his wife have been apart of the off-roading community for several years. They recently welcomed a baby girl and future wheeler into the family this past July.

They own 3 jeeps. A '87 YJ buggy build in progress, a '22 JLUR on 37s and a '97 TJ on 40s. Derek will be wheeling his '97 TJ this year at CTO 22. His TJ has a wheel base of 106" with one ton axles and 40" Mickey Thompson MTZ P3s.

Derek may come across as quiet but he has an extensive wheeling knowledge and the eye for the right line. Derek brings a great mechanical background that has come in handy a time or two on trail. He has a great deal of patience too. (He taught his wife to wheel the way she does now!)

Derek enjoys having one of the smaller pieced together rigs in the group and keeping up with all the bigger rigs in his wheeling circle. Derek has navigated most of SMORR with one of this favorite trails being Cheap Trick.

One of his favorite wheeling moments was the first time he made Doe Skid or Copperhead and then seeing his wife conquer the Copperhead obstacle.

Sand Hollow is a recent second in Derek's favorite wheeling trips.

Derek dislikes mud and ducking jeeps.

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