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Jon bought his first jeep in 1976, before that he off-roaded a 1960 Ford Starliner.

His current Jeep is named RUBIJON and is a 1998 Wrangler Sport with custom axles and suspension. The wheelbase was recently stretched to 109 inches, changed from a manual transmission to a 700r4 automatic, replaced stock transfer case with atlas 3.8. #WarHorseFab lowered his ride height several inches and fabricated many custom suspension/drivetrain niceties.

His likes:

Dressing up like a pirate. Hitting the trails with friends. Helping others.

His dislikes:

Frowning, you will rarely see him without a smile on his face.

His favorite area to wheel in is Colorado and Moab.

His favorite thing about off-roading... the fellowship and exploring.

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