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Kevin and his wife Joy are a dynamic duo and have been off-roading for the past 8 years.

He drives BlackJack, a 2007 JK X, that has been retrofitted with sleeved and gusseted Dana 44 axles, 5.13 gears, and a Rubicon transfer case. It rides on a Rockcrawler X-factor 3.5 lift, with Fox shocks, and rolls on 37x13.50 Cooper STT Pro’s. It’s most recent upgrade is a set of PRP Enduro Seats, with Harness’s just in case. Blackjack has been outfitted with green accents and rock lights, to gain more attention.

Kevin is definitely not a morning person and can be a little grouchy until he gets his morning dose of caffeine. He likes sarcasm, and could be considered weird because he finds regearing Jeeps enjoyable. He can also be found using V-Notch at SMORR as a personal waterslide from time to time. (You have to ask him about that story.)

Its possible you may hear him come over the radio, saying “ Hey lets check this trail out”, which is code for… ”CRAP, I missed my turn.”

Mostest all time favorite trails: Black Bear & Imogene in Colorado, along with Cliff Hangar in Moab.

Some Dislikes: MUD, brake fluid, MUD, restaurants not having sweet tea, MUD, off road parks without trail signs, MUD, halo headlights, and MUD. (Mud is the devil.)

Favorite things about off-roading: Meeting fun people, peeing in nature, the scenery, being able to drive a vehicle up a trail that he can’t walk up.

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