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Matt has been off-roading for 13 years. Many of those years of experience have been guiding at various events.

Don’t blink, you may miss him bouncing around on the trail. He’s a quick one! And if you see him not make one of his bouncing jumps, you better take a picture, because it’s rare! He’s the guy that will run across the trail, and hop on your bumper when you’re about to flop!

Jeep specs - AEV built JKUR. With a 3.5 lift, riding on 37’s.

His Likes:

Thick sidewalls, trees so thick you can’t see the sun and any place that JKUs “don’t” fit.

His Dislikes:

Flat tires, Rough Country lifts, and work on a Monday after a wheeling trip.

His favorite off road trip was his last trip to Ouray, CO.

The things he loves most about off-roading... “The challenge and the fellowship.”

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