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Shanna married into the Jeep Life; her husband bought his first Jeep in 2005 while they were still dating. Shanna’s husband is Christopher, you will usually find her riding shotgun with him or wrangling their two kids, Lottie and Jesse. Shanna drives her “Mom Jeep” daily a 2009 Jeep Commander, the 5.7 V8 with a Hemi, and usually leaves the trail driving to Christopher.

Shanna enjoys visiting different off-road parks and camp cooking. One of her favorite ways to thank Jeep friends for helping out is to make them a homecooked meal at home, or the campground. Shanna spends a lot of her time making sure Christopher keeps his Jeeps in one piece, there are plenty of snacks in the Jeep, and that the family is wearing their sunscreen and bug spray!

Her Likes:

A good iced coffee, afternoon naps(not just for the kids), watching her kids grow up in the Jeep community, her dogs (Annie and Willow)


When Starbucks is out of Cold Brew coffee, being hot, and the texture of chalk!!!

Her most memorable off-road trip was the year they went to Flat Nasty and ended up blowing almost every trailer tire and used all of the spares.

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