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T.J. has been off-roading for about 5-6 years. There is a 99.8% chance of seeing him in a tie-dye shirt when he’s on the trails. There is also a 99.8% chance of hearing him tell a couple “you’re mom” jokes as well. 😆

He will be driving “Red Rocket” a ‘06 LJ with 5:38 gears, high pinion dana 44 front axle, and a 14 bolt rear axle. It is stretched 5 inches and on 40” Mudgrapplers.

His likes:

Crocs, Bourbon, and Crawling.

His Dislikes:

Beer, rusty bolts, and dudes who drink seltzer’s.

His favorite off road trip... Moab 1st with Colorado 2nd

His favorite thing about off-roading... “Friends that are as close or closer than family.”

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